INESTRAP is a black plastic container that simulates or reproduces the ideal humid and dark places where female Aedes mosquitoes (aegypti, albopictus or tiger, ...) lay their eggs.
Its special design is extremely attractive for females to lay their eggs. The oviposition is favoured by the odour provided by the mixture of the vegetable attractant that is incorporated into the water.
INESTRAP includes:
‐ An adhesive band located inside the capture chamber where the female mosquitoes are trapped.
‐ An internal net that prevents the exit of adult mosquitoes that could emerge from the larvae reared in the water.
Each trapped mosquito female prevents the emergence of up to 1,000 new mosquitoes.
It does not contain insecticides.

INESTRAP has two principal uses: ‐ As a control tool to detect presence of mosquitoes for entomological monitoring purposes. ‐ As a control tool to reduce populations due to its capture effect. Population control will be favored with the placement of several units depending on the size of the area to be controlled. INESTRAP can be used on terraces, gardens, parks, country houses, gardens, patios, balconies.

Wash the plastic container with soap and water before use it in order to remove the plastic’s odour.

  1. 1. Fill the lower container (1) with water up to 2 centimeters below the drain slot.
  2. 2. Add a vegetable substrate (2) inside (leaves, grass, herbs, …)
  3. 3. Place the lower capture chamber cover (3) and the mosquito net inside (4).
  4. 4. Place the Inesfly adhesive strip (5), previously removing the protective sheet and leaving the sticky part exposed facing inwards.
  5. 5. Place the upper capture chamber cover (6), turning to fix it and ensure that it is closed.
INESTRAP should be placed in visible, shady, cool outdoor places, close to vegetation, with little air flow and protected from rain. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the traps, it is necessary to eliminate near objects that contain water where mosquitoes can also lay their eggs, such as buckets, plastic bottles, pot dishes, etc.