Dra. Pilar Mateo Herrero

Science and knowledge at the service of the society

Pilar Mateo Herrero

Pilar Mateo is a scientist internationally recognized in the field of Chemistry She’s in the top 10 ranking of the most prestigious scientists women in Spain, as well as in the top 100 ranking of the most prestigious World Scientist Women.

Doctor in Chemistry by the Spanish Scientific Research Council and by the University of Valencia Dr Honoris Causa by the Anahuac University of Mexico.

She currently has 8 patent families in more than 100 countries around the world, including in the USA and the European Union. Right now she is the President of INESFLY CORPORATION and the Director of the I+R Department

In parallel to her scientific and innovative technological research, Pilar Mateo has carried out several social projects to improve the quality of life of the most impoverished communities She is the President of MOMIM (World Indigenous Women´s Movement) and PILAR MATEO’S FOUNDATION.

Her professional and research activity and her intense participation in solidarity projects have won her more than 70 national and international awards.

She has won more than 70 national and international awards including:

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