INESFLY SP COATING is a water‐based polymer coating leading polymer microencapsulated suspension insecticidal, acaricidal and insect growth regulators with very high persistance.
Inesfly with its innovative technology based on polymeric microcapsules allows a slow release of the insecticide and IGR, giving the product a high persistence and very low toxicity, perfect for hard‐to‐reach places. It allows the control of all kinds of arthropods.

Inesfly controls pests in the Public Health. Very effective against all types of insects, such as: mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, scorpions, ants and mites. INESFLY SP COATING can be used in all places where there is a high affectation of insects and, for example: homes, offices, health centers, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants. For textiles that should not be washed frequently, such as: tarpaulins, awnings, tents, mosquito window screen.

Spray 400 ml

Easy to use as a conventional water paint by spraying.
Depending on the type of surface to deal with, the type of pest and the degree of infestation of the same, application doses oscillate between 1lt/12m2 and 1lt/15m2 Textile ( tarpaulins, tents, mosquito window screen): Spray at a distance of 30 cm, covering the largest possible surface. Let dry.
Prior to application it is necessary to remove all existing dirty.
Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ° C or surfaces exposed to strong sunlight.
This product acts by contact and inhalation, to obtain the best results with INESFLY it should be applied on as much surface as possible, thus avoiding areas “refuge” for pests.