Inesfly Larva IGR contains a IGR, which is Pyriproxyphen active substance, a youth hormone analogue. It gives successful and highly favourable results in controlling larvae and nymph of mosquitoes.

Inesfly Larva IGR is an insecticide / larvicide growth regulator with high
specificity against the larvae of different types of mosquitoes, which are
vectors of diseases such as malaria, dengue, filariasis, yellow fever.
Very effective against mosquitoes, such as: Anopheles, Culex
quiquefasciatus, Aedes, Psorophora, Mansonia, black fly (Simulidae).
Recommended by WHO for mosquito larvae control.

Bottle 500 ml and 5 litres.

Ready to use.
Controls mosquito larvae that are resistant to other pesticides
Our product is designed for application to non‐potable waters including shallow ponds, woodland pools, standing water, tidal waters, catch basins, drainage pipes in urban areas, tire piles. In any container that can hold water after rain.
Application rate :
Dry surface : 1liter/40m2 for dry surface that can hold water after rain.
Domestic fly control: Recommend the use of Inesfly Larva IGR over
plantpots, on any surface that can collect water.
Precautions: Avoid direct contact with skin and mucous membranes.
Avoid contact with food, drink and utensils. In case of contact with skin,
wash thoroughly with water.
In case of ingestion, contact your doctor or go to the nearest Hospital