INESFLY 5A IGR PAINT is a water‐based biopolymer coating leading
polymer microencapsulated suspension insecticidal, acaricidal and
insect growth regulators.
Inesfly with its innovative technology based on polymeric
microcapsules allows a slow release of the insecticide and IGR, giving the product a high persistence and very low toxicity, maintaining the non‐interaction between microcapsules. It allows the control of all kinds of arthropods and pests, specially to control endemic disease vectors such as malaria, dengue, Chagas, leishmaniosis, etc.

Inesfly controls pests in the public health. Inesfly 5A IGR is very
effective against all types of insects, such as: mosquitoes, flies,
cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, scorpions, ants and mites.
Inesfly 5A IGR can be used in all places where there is a high
affectation of insects, for example: homes, offices, health centres,
hospitals, schools and hotels.
It is especially recommended in areas where there is a pyrethroid
resistant problem.

Easy to use as a conventional water paint.
Prior to application it is necessary to remove all existing dirt.
Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ° C or surfaces exposed to
strong sunlight.
For very porous surfaces that have not been painted before applying a
first layer of paint 50% diluted in water to obtain full coverage of the
surface. The concentration of pigments may never exceed 0.6% of the
total paint. Paste tones (light colours) are recommended as it is not
advisable to add lots of dye.
This product acts by contact and inhalation. To obtain the best results
with Ineslfy, it should be applied on as much surface as possible, thus
avoiding “refuge” areas for pests.
Recommended safety period for health use: 12 hours.

Before using the product, read the label carefully.
Shake the product until mixture is homogeneous.
Ensure adequate ventilation specially in closed areas.
Avoid direct contact with skin.
Use appropriate protective equipment: gloves, mask and