Inesfly Research Center

INESFLY Corporation R&D Department, directed by Dr. Pilar Mateo, has as the main objective the designing of new products that provide solutions in various fields of application, such as Public Health, Animal Health and Crop Protection.

We are working on several lines of research focused on the development of new formulas and the improvement of existing ones. Among all, it is necessary to stand out:

  • The environmental invading species.
  • Crop Protection pest control.
  • Environmental Higiene pest control.
  • Control of  arthropods that cause allergies.
  • "New textile products”.
  • Integral control of vectors that transmit endemic diseases.
  • Capture's devices.
  • New patents.

To do this, INESFLY CORPORATION has a laboratory with all the necessary equipment for the research of new technologies of microencapsulation and the preliminary tests of efficiency. 

From left to the right: Dr. Pilar Mateo Herrero, Dr. Ignacio Gil, Dr. Jesús López, Isabel López, BSc.

INESFLY Corporation has an R&D Department, created for the development of new formulas with new active substances and for the testing of new applications on different supports and materials.

 E-Mail: | Phone +34 963 974 492  |  46200 Paiporta – Valencia (Spain) |  Legal Notice

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