Inesfly Microencapsulation Center

With our Inesfly Polymeric Microencapsulation´s patent technology, we obtain products that have a controlled and gradual liberation of the active ingredients to the environment, which allows formulates with lower toxicity and greater efficiency and persistence.

The process is done in a totally automatic way, in an isolated space from the rest of the zone of manufacturing, minimizing the manipulation of the active ingredients what assures the quality of the final product and guarantees the safety of the workers.

The progressive introduction of the European Biocides Directive supposes a drastic reduction of active ingredients on the market. It has been verified the presence of populations of resistant insects and the existence of new invading species. For all this, providing the biocides products with a major persistence of its efficiency is a priority for the main formulating companies.

INESFLY Corporation has the aptitude to adapt its technology of polymeric microencapsulation to cover the needs of every client, offering to the formulating companies a new tool to improve their products that allow a more effective control of the plagues. 


Thanks to the creation of the special microencapsulation room, INESFLY Corporation does:

  • Manufacturing of the range of Inesfly products.
  • Microencapsulation of biocides assets for other companies interested in improving the properties of their formulates.
  • Manufacturing of final products for other companies with our technology of microencapsulation.

 E-Mail: | Phone +34 963 974 492  |  46200 Paiporta – Valencia (Spain) |  Legal Notice

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