Unique microencapsulation services

In Inesfly we can adapt to our customer's necessities. Our technology of microencapsulation is capable to be applied to different sectors, substances and applications to give specific solutions.

How do we work?

Our Research and Development department carefully studies the customer’s necessities for each substance and product. We request all the details about the compound, uses and product profile that is expected.

All this information is useful to determine the technical and economic viability of the microencapsulation process. After this, experimental work at the laboratory leads to the development of the proof of concept where the customer evaluates the first version of the microencapsulated product and defines the weak points to be corrected.

In the optimization phase the product becomes fully adapted to the customers requirements.

Finally, the transfer from laboratory to industry is performed and the first batches of production are manufactured with the necessary adjustments of conditions and quality checking.

Customers are constantly involved in the development of their microencapsulated products in a dynamic way with our organization.



Thanks to the creation of the special microencapsulation room, INESFLY Corporation does:

  • Manufacturing of the range of Inesfly products.
  • Microencapsulation of biocides assets for other companies interested in improving the properties of their formulates.
  • Manufacturing of final products for other companies with our technology of microencapsulation.

 E-Mail: inesfly@inesfly.com | Phone +34 963 974 492  |  46200 Paiporta – Valencia (Spain) |  Legal Notice

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