INNOVATION LEADERSHIP: Pioneers in the development of new technologies with innovative products for the vector control.

EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS: Wide product portfolio with efficient solutions to the needs in the areas of public health, agriculture and vet.

HUMAN RESOURCES: Inspired and committed people working in a great place, getting the best out of each individual towards a common objective.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: The Pilar Mateo Science and Knowledge in Action Foundation leads health and educational projects to restore the dignity of the people whose lives have been affected by the endemic diseases caused by the massive presence of insects in their homes.

ENVIRONMENT: Committed to the protection of current and future generations through sustainable environment protection practices.

PASSION AND EXCELENCE: Be passionate, look for excellence as a way to achieve our social goals.


We want to be the world leader in vectors and insects control, developing a wide portfolio of products with innovative technology for public health, agriculture and vet.


We put knowledge into action. Development of new internationally patented technologies, focused on social problems solving. Get the science out of the laboratory, making it available to the global society.

 E-Mail: | Phone +34 963 974 492  |  46200 Paiporta – Valencia (Spain) |  Legal Notice

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