Our company specializes in product development for pest control and vectors control that transmit endemic diseases in Public Health, Veterinary sector and agriculture fields.

Its facilities are composed by: microencapsulated center; I+R laboratory; factory of our products  and commercial offices.

Our production and research center is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Inesfly Corporation is a new company establish in 2012 , which includes INESBA S. L. (established in 1996) and INESFLY S. L. engineering of health (created in 1998).

Inesfly Corporation is headquartered in Paiporta, Valencia, Spain.


Inesfly Corporation, S.L.

 E-Mail: inesfly@inesfly.com | Phone +34 963 974 492  |  46200 Paiporta – Valencia (Spain) |  Legal Notice

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