INESFLY ARES is a water-based polymeric coating that contains a microencapsulated suspension of insecticide active ingredient.
Inesfly Corporation with its innovating technology based on polymeric microcapsules allows a slow release of the insecticide providing a high residual effect and very low toxicity.
It allows the control of all kinds of arthropods and pests, especially in the control of endemic disease vectors such as malaria, dengue, leshmaniasis, etc.

INESFLY ARES controls pests in the Public Health, and Food Industry. It is very effective gainst all types of insects, such as: mosquitoes, flies, sandflies, bedbugs, and moths.
Inesfly ARES can be used in all places where there is presence of insects, for example housing, offices, health centers, hospitals, schools and hotels.

▪ It is easy to use as a conventional waterbased paint.
▪ Prior to application, it is necessary to remove all existing dirt from the surface to be painted.
▪ Do not apply at temperatures below 5 °C or surfaces exposed to strong sunlight.
▪ For very porous surfaces that have not been painted before, apply a first layer of INESFLY ARES diluted in water to reduce the absorbency of the substrate. Alternatively, a sealer or waterbased primer can be used. Then follow up with a second coat with dosage indicated in the table.
▪ Recommended safety period for use: until the product is dry on the treated surface.
The product can be colored with pigments for high-quality water-based paints.
The concentration of pigments may never exceed 0.6% of the total paint. Pale-light colors are recommended as it is not advisable to add lots of dye.
This product acts by contact. To obtain the best result with INESFLY ARES, the product has to be be applied on as much surface as possible in order to to reduce and minimize potencial areas of « refuge » for pests to hide in.

1 litre, 4 litres and 10 litres